Chico's Spanish Word Of The Day

This edition of Chico's "Palabra" is precious! For those of you who don't know, Chico at McMurdo writes an extremely casual e-mail column every couple of days, and his readers end up on his mailing list by serendipity. Enjoy!
Here's Chico: Buenos dias everyone. Today we are one week away from Christmas. And here in McMurdo Station we're still waiting on our mail that has been sitting in ChristChurch, New Zealand for some time now. Unfortunately some people won't get what they are expecting as some of it was returned to the senders. It's sunny outside with a low fog over the vicinity except for Mctown. The visibility in the fog is at 0 and it's Condition II at the Williams Field runway. The South Pole flight and the one from ChristChurch that landed this morning had to land a few miles away from the air strip because...they couldn't find it and had to land. It's another day in Antarctica where surprises aren't surprising. Yesterday's high was at 37 above zero. Currently the temperature is at 30 but the wind is picking up and the windchill temperature is dropping. Today's Spanish word of the day is:
"Gallina(gah-yee-naw)." Which means: "Chicken." If you love chicken than you need to come to Antarctica. We don't raise them here. We just eat 'em. From Monday of this week to tomorrow, we will have eaten Chicken Marsala, Chicken Provencal, chicken nuggets, Chicken Breast Szcheran, Chicken-ala-Orange, Chicken-n-Sour, Chicken on sour sauce. No kidding. We eat chicken baked, grilled, stuffed, thrown, dropped, kicked and runned over. For breakfast we have eggs. For dinner we eat the chicken that laid it. We're worse than renegade foxes. You sneeze and a feather blows out of your nose. We don't drink chicken because someone hasn't figured out yet a way to get them up a straw. If they do they might be eligible for a TQM (Total Quality Management) award that people down here get when they think of ways to save the program money. Someone somewhere is living like a sheik from all the chickens they sold to the United States Antarctic Program. Someone somewhere is probably a vegetarian.
The Spanish phrase of the day is from a 15 year old on what she learned: "Yo aprendi que si e quieres contender, deverias de contender a otro." Which means: "I've learned that if you want to cheer yourself up, you should cheer someone else up." Enough said. Have a great day. Chico. over.

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